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Guild Wars 2 Official Realease Date Aug 28, 2012

This video was released with the announcement that It is finally ready ! After many years of difficult and seemingly never ending waiting, millions of people will finally be able to play Guild Wars 2 to their hearts content. Mark August 28, 2012 on your calendar, and call in sick to work, because here it comes!

GW2 Release Date Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Trailer

With the announcement of the first beta, ArenaNet released this artistic and entertaining video, that uses a mixture of actual in game footage as well as in game cinematics. The beta has come to a close now, and all reports are that is is a fun smooth playing game and well worth the wait, but still the wait is difficult.

GW2 Final Beta Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

A Mesmer is the master of not only their minds, but also the minds of those around them. When you can no longer be sure of what you saw, the danger is all around you.

GW2 Mesmer Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Engineer

Masters of the mechanical, engineers cause mayhem with gadgets, explosives, elixirs, and all manners of deployable devices. They control areas with turrets, support allies with alchemic weaponry, or lay waste to foes with mines, bombs, and grenades.

GW2 Engineer Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Guardian

The devoted fighter called the Guardian calls upon powerful virtues to protect allies, and smite enemies. As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, the guardian is a tactical master who knows when to sacrifice his defenses and empower his allies to victory.

GW2 Guardian Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

The elementalist is the master of the four elements, when confronted he can emit bolts of lightning to strike down his enemies, drop burning meteors from the sky, or freeze his enemies solid, when in danger he can protect himself by turning flesh into stone, and using his water magic he can heal his allies.

GW2 Elementalist Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Warrior

The warrior is a heavily armored melee fighting expert, he relies on his speed, strength and toughness to survive the battle. As he shrugs off blow after blow his adrenaline fuels his offense, increasing his damage output with every attack, and powering up hiis burst skill. The more adrenaline he holds, the more devastating his burst skill.

GW2 Warrior Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Thief

Masters of stealth and surprise, a thief is deadly in single combat, especialy when catching their enemies off guard. Thieves can move through the shadows, or steal items and vanish into thin air. Enemies should watch their backs, or the thief will watch it for them.

GW2 Thief Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

A Necromancer is the master of Dark Arts, he feeds on death and decay, sucks the life from the enemy, feeds on life force, and can summon undead minions to do his bidding.When a necromancer runs out of health, he goes into a Death Shroud, fighting in his ghostly form until he can fight no more.

GW2 Necromancer Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Ranger

Good rangers are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of them as well, Using a keen eye, steady hand and the power of nature, he masters ranged combat, often striking unwitting opponents from a distance. He is accompanied by his loyal pet, making him a daunting and shrewd force on the battlefield.

GW2 Ranger Discussion

Original Guild Wars 2 Teaser Trailer


The original Guild Wars 2 trailer video that was released around the same time that the game was officialy announced. As most of you know, the original Guild Wars did not allow things like jumping, climbing or swimming, but the video shows that Guild Wars 2 is definatly moving the rest of the way into the third dimention.

Guild Wars 2 MMO Manifesto

In Guild Wars 2 new MMO Manifesto video, ArenaNet Studio Lead Mike O'Brien and key creators explain how GW2 defies MMO conventions, free from boring grind and static, unchanging worlds. So far the game will be set at 80 levels, but the amount of work needed to advance up to the next lvl will not increase as the game goes on.

GW2 MMO Manifesto Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Races


Different races will have different advantages and disadvantages. The Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, and Sulvari will all have unique characteristics though not increase the over all power of the character, should provide a background flavor for the race. Professions will not be restricted based on the race.

Guild Wars 2 GamesCon 09 Interview


Guild wars developers go over the storyline of the sleeping dragons that have awoken hungry sometimes in the last 250 years since the First Guild Wars. Nowadays people quite commonly around the world through asura gates, map travel, and swimming and jumping.