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ArenaNet Remakes Flame-kissed Armor

ArenaNet Remakes Flame-kissed Armor

Postby 1048jack » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:22 am

Since the Flame-kissed armor was released, lots of players have made complaint that this new armor uses the same mesh as the T3 human cultural armor. Now, ArenaNet has officially given responses.

Regina Buenaobra wrote:

“Hey, everyone. We’ve been reading all your feedback about the Flamekissed Armor Skin that was released into the Gem Store yesterday.

Although the Flamekissed Armor uses the same mesh as the Tier 3 Human Cultural Armor, it was not our intention to create an armor skin that so closely matched the existing Tier 3 Human Cultural armor set. The intention was to use the mesh as a basis for creating an armor set that stands apart and is distinct in appearance. However, after reading your feedback, we agree that the Flamekissed armor is not visually distinct enough from Human Cultural Tier 3 armor.

We will do a few things to address this issue. ... armor.html
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