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Achievement Walkthrough for the Nightmares Within

Achievement Walkthrough for the Nightmares Within

Postby 1048jack » Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:07 am

Today, we share with you a guide, including all the information you need to complete the achievements in the Nightmares Within.

Getting Inside

To enter the Tower of Nightmares you need to portal to Kessex Hills and use any of the 3 entrances located on the map below.


The Tower of Nightmares is split into 3 chambers. To access all these chambers you need to follow the maze. Thankfully it is relatively linear but does incorporate the need to go up with progress limited by you completing events in each chamber. Until you complete the active events, you cannot proceed.

The orange path determines the route you need to take through the Tower to reach the top.

The numbers refer to the 9 Chambers you need to locate. ... ithin.html
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