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Official Report on World vs. World:Midseason

Official Report on World vs. World:Midseason

Postby 1048jack » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:45 am

The first World vs. World season has been going on for three weeks with fierce matches for power and dominance. Three leagues are formed by the North American and European worlds. And the worlds in these leagues pair up and then fight to decide who is the most powerful.

With half of the season remaining, there’s still time to get in the fight and help your world win ultimate glory.

Every week you participate in WvW, you’re rewarded for your efforts! At the end of each matchup, players who fought in the Mists are awarded bonus chests based on their world’s performance. Get up to three chests every week for fighting for your world’s glory. In addition, everyone who completes the Premier Season Veteran meta achievement will receive:

a WvW Season 1 Reward Chest Key, which will unlock a special chest at the end of the season which contains rewards based on your world’s ultimate performance, and

On top of that, participating players on the top three worlds in every league will be receiving a special finisher that represents their success. Remind your enemies of your battlefield prowess with a first, second, or third-place finisher! ... eason.html
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