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Key Farming Walkthrough for Elementalist

Key Farming Walkthrough for Elementalist

Postby 1048jack » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:47 am

This walkthrough teaches you to make use of the Elementalist’s early damage potential and the substantial amount of AoEs they can get to deal with the clumps of enemies in some missions of your Personal Story.

You'll want to buy a few level 0 items (in the picture above) to get the edge you will need in this farm, including the Sigil of Justice and the three runes so that you will get a power advantage. Staff is especially important as it has the best early level kick and gives you the much needed range for the last mission before the key. All of these together will run you about twenty silver, if that.

Stash all these items in your bank in preparation for your new character.

The biggest thing to remember is to cut time as much as possible. Limit the amount of loading screens you see by waypointing nearly directly to your next Personal Story objective. ... alist.html
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