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D/D Ele Full Zerker PVE Build

D/D Ele Full Zerker PVE Build

Postby Shizam » Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:18 am

Someone asked for my build so I am posting it.

My gear is full zerker Please feel free to offer any constructive criticism.


Please keep in mind I normally only do lvl 50 fracs, so I do prefer having full earth magic. This build is team oriented so has some regen/fury prot for the team etc, also I use Divinity Runes so I do have a few extra HP (otherwise lvl 50 champs one shot me) and some bonuses to my healing for team heals.

Crits area already guaranteed for nearly every junk mob fight, and more than often enough through Champ fights., skill 9 is 200% crit chance for next 5 attacks, and I have Arcane mastery to speed that up a bit. The maxing out of Earth Magic I feel leads to not just survivability, but more more total damage overall due to its increase in conditional, burn, bleed etc.

The written in stone is simply for the Regen in the signet and the ability to hit it whenever the heck i feel like it without thinking about it. Due to my limited survivability, I don't want to second guess the heal.

Skill 8 is my most commonly swapped out skill, depending on the situation.
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