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Class Hatred - And Uninformed Idiots That Spread it

Class Hatred - And Uninformed Idiots That Spread it

Postby Livia » Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:30 pm

A little bit about myself before I get into my rant... I am not trying to impress you. Just trying to fend off many the common Troll arguments I am expecting.

I have almost 20k AP at this point, and still manage to raise a child, spend time with my lover, and even own a business, so no "Get a life" type comments please. I like many other people who play a lot read the forums, watch YouTube and am generally informed about the game... also like most, I have played many years of other MMOS and video games in general.

There has always been a lot of class hatred in every game I have ever played, I have always just summed it up to narcissism, where people feel that they are the best, so therefore so is their character, and their class, but this thing about Guild Wars 2 , and even in Guild Wars, is there an awful lot of conformist types that agree with posters who are incorrect, but share the same views as they do. Such as someone who only playes a warrior, thinking cloth players are cowards that run away and invis all the time... or cloth players who say things like "I don't need armor". I am not one of those people, for over a year now I have had all 8 classes up to level 80, and play them all regularly, swapping as I feel like it, the same as some people swap skills and traits (which I of course do as well).

Having played all the classes for too many hours, up to 80 and well beyond, I can honestly say that Arenanet, with all their proper DPS parsing tools, and testing, has done a very good job of balancing things out.... now I can hear some idiots piping up already how "INSERT CLASS HERE" sucks compared to "INSERT CLASS HERE", proven by the rant of their favorite angry forum poster... To all you people....all you know it all, narcissistic idiots... dimwitted parroting retards... self righteous provers of the Dunning-Kruger effect ...

Here is a link you "know it all"s ... ger_effect

You may wonder what inspired this rant, well today the straw broke the camels back for and yes I am "MAD BRO" and if I could electrocute you through your PC I would. Well this little thing happened.

I was in a not so good lvl 49 fractal team today, inducing the levels such as The Raging Asuran, and the Fire Shaman being the persistent fellow that I am as others went to bed, or just gave up, I completed the damn thing. So there we are at the final boss, my team of friendly people and I, and one guy drops so I put up LFG thinking what a lucky guy this is going to be to join our team.

First thing he says to me is "Don't you have anything besides Necro"

To which I replied, "yes I do"

"I would suggest swapping" he says "this is going to be painful"

Anyhow I didn't swap, I juust ran in and we defeated the boss on the first try. I hated the idiot but that's fine.

So there we are, "good luck on the chest" "thanks for the team" "ty guys" etc etc, and this guy pipes in. "don't you know necros suck for dungeons, just thought you should know."

This, the guy, with halve my AP, who had enjoyed my heals and a rez from death signet, not to mention me staying alive during the whole battle with mia, avoiding the cannons and rezzing as I did it, a bit off topic but here is a video for Necro haters to watch... this is a bit old now, before the latest Warrior Nerf.

Suck it up.
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Re: Class Hatred - And Uninformed Idiots That Spread it

Postby Chillout Man » Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:40 am

Yeah but Necro's suck :P
Chillout Man
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