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Too Many Chiefts

Rant and Rage against the players or groups of players that ruined your enjoyment of Guild Wars 2 today.

Too Many Chiefts

Postby Quillinator » Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:59 am

Really tired of the times when everyone is following the leader in some instance or tpvp match or dungeon or wvw or something, and he is a good leader, all is going well. Then some other guy suddenly starts contradicting what is being said by the original leader, and wants everyone to do a different thing.

So you were all on a smooth run tearing through whatever you were doing, then suddenly you all have to stop, and figure out which of the two plans to take.

Often this leaves the team divided for a bit, and sometimes some idiot will pull, and wipe the team.

I always follow the first person who gives the plan, until the plan fails, then obviously the plan didn't work, and THEN we need a new plan.
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